cap and diploma

Hey Seniors,

This Monday, November 1st, we will be doing formal senior portraits.

Portraits will be done by Lifetouch Photography and they will be providing the attire for the portraits. Options are a black stole and tuxedo (white shirt and black jacket & bowtie)

● Those planning for use of the stole, wear a tank top or spaghetti strap top under a top, which will make it easy to pull the straps down under the stole.
● For those opting for the tuxedo look, wear a white t-shirt so no color is seen through the white dress shirt.

Our scheduled time on Monday is during 3rd period, right after break. Mark and/or Mrs. Bibbins will walk those interested in getting portraits over to the WHS auditorium. There will be no time to apply makeup or do hairstyling once entering auditorium. There will be "dressers" available to help with the formal attire.

Portraits will be available for purchase. Lifetouch also offers customized sittings for
portraits. If you are interested in those, you may contact their studio at 209-544-0961.