End of Year Senior Calendar & Guidance

Here is an updated schedule of upcoming events and times for Seniors! Please make sure to mark them in you calendar! What an exciting time of year for our Seniors! We hope you enjoy all of the upcoming fun memories being made at these events!

Graduation Message to Family & Friends:

Family entrance will be via the gate on the North side of the gym for Graduation Ceremony. Only people with tickets will be allowed in and everyone over the age of two needs a ticket. Families will be guided to a location in the bleachers in order to ensure COVID required social distance. Please do not bring balloons, beach balls, cow bells, air horns or any other disruptive noise making devices or items that could block or impede the view of others. We encourage families to leave such items in their vehicle. This is a formal ceremony and we ask that everyone be respectful of the occasion. (Ticket only Event)