ChildDev Book

Dear WUSD Families,
Waterford Unified is in the process of adopting new materials for 10th - 12th Grade students who are enrolled in Child Development courses at Waterford High School. We have established a small adoption team including a teacher and site administrator to determine which new materials will best serve our students. While there is no state list recommending adopted materials for this grade level and area of study, the team reviewed several curricular options. Using feedback from the team, we have identified key learning across the Child Development pathway and reviewed publisher materials. The committee has identified two texts to pilot for use in the Child Development pathway: Understanding the Whole Child: Prenatal Development through Adolescence and Essentials for Working with Young Children.
WUSD values feedback from students and parents. The child development materials are available at the district office for your review. We are excited about this opportunity to work with new materials as we continue to support the individual learning needs of each of our students in WUSD. The Child Development adoption team will review and consider feedback from all WUSD stakeholders and bring forward a final recommendation for new child development materials to the Board in the Fall of 2021. In the interim, we will pilot the materials, and if approved, will begin using the newly adopted materials in the 2021-2022 school year and beyond.