Waterford High School Athletic Schedules

All Waterford High School team schedules are available on the WHS High School Sports website.<BROKEN LINK>  In the top, right-hand corner of the page, recent scores for all levels of sports are displayed. In the middle of the page, the calendar of events is available for the current week. Users may select the "SEASON" option to view and print an entire schedule for any team at WHS. By clicking on any event in the calendar, you will see details regarding dismissal, departure and return times. Users may also click on the host school to initiate a link to MapQuest.

WHS Athletic Registration Packet

Each student-athlete, and their parent/guardian, is required to complete the attached athletic registration packet prior to any participation in team tryouts, conditioning, practice or competition. The student-athlete is to receive a physical clearance from a recognized physician (physicals conducted by a chiropractor are no longer accepted), and each family must provide proof of insurance (COMPANY, POLICY # AND CONTACT INFO) within the packet in order for all paperwork to be accepted. If insurance is not available through the family's work or individual coverage, it may be purchased at the corresponding link found on our main page (Myers-Stevens Student Accident Ins). The packet is good for one calendar year from the date the physical is received, and must be renewed yearly for continued participation.

WHS Athletic Registration Packet<INSERT DOC HERE>

WHS Athletic Department

Athletic Director: Joshua Whitfield
Email: whitfj@gmail.com
Telephone: (209) 874-9060
Fax: (209) 874-9065