Lunch Crunch Students, Staff, and Teachers

Yesterday on Tuesday, 11/6/18 we had our second lunch crunch session with Teachers, Staff, and Students (group 2). Staff is volunteering their lunch time to go in and help students bring their grades up. Once students had their lunches, they reported to Room 9, where we passed out missing assignments slips printed from Infinite Campus and prompted them to get to work. 

The goal is to send the message to students that "we care about you," and "we are not going to let you fail on our watch." Students did respond today to the gentle nudging of the multiple adults in the room. We have also invited the Reaching for the Stars moms to come in whenever they can to help prompt and motivate students during the Lunch Crunch. We also welcome Parents/ Guardians to come between 12:15- 1 p.m. to help motivate our students. (Check into the office first please)