Common Core State Standards

Since 2010, 45 states have adopted the same standards for English and math. These standards are called the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Having the same standards helps all students get a good education, even if they change schools or move to a different state. Teachers, parents, and education experts designed the standards to prepare students for success in college and the workplace.

Setting the Foundation for Student Success

Building on the excellent foundation of standards states have laid, the Common Core State Standards are the first step in providing our young people with a high-quality education. It should be clear to every student, parent, and teacher what the standards of success are in every school.

Teachers, parents and community leaders have all weighed in to helpcreate the Common Core State Standards. The standards clearly communicate what is expected of students at each grade level. This will allow our teachers to be better equipped to know exactly what they need to help students learn and establish individualized benchmarks for them. The Common Core State Standards focus on core conceptual understandings and procedures well-and to give students the opportunity to master them.

With students, parents and teachers all on the same page and working together for shared goals, we can ensure that students make progress each year and graduate from school prepared to success in college and in a modern workforce.

California's Plan

National Plan

This brief video explains what the transition to the CCSS means for California. This video was developed by the Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation in collaboration with the California Department of Education, the State Board of Education, California County Superintendents Educational Services Association, California State PTA®, California School Boards Association, California Teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers AFT/AFL-CIO, Association of California School Administrators, and the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

Text Transcript of "What's Cooking with Common Core in California?"

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson talks about California's transition to assessments based on the CCSS.

Text transcript of "Transition to Assessments Based on Common Core State Standards in California."

Provided by the Council of Great City Schools, this three-minute video explains how the CCSS will help students achieve at high levels and help them learn what they need to know to get to graduation and beyond.