About Us

District Composition

The district administrative team works to support the sites in the education of district students. Various levels of school site administration has provided district administrators with valuable background and insight to assist current site administrators. The district administration carries out the goals and objectives of the District Strategic Plan approved by the Waterford Unified School Board of Trustees.

  • Superintendent - Don Davis
  • Assistant Superintendent/Educational Services/Director of Personnel - Jose Aldaco
  • Director Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment & Technology - Carolyn Viss
  • Business Services Manager - Sarah Yarbrough
  • Early Childhood Director - Diane Callaham
  • Director of Maintenance, Operations, Facilities & Projects - Gene Blocker
  • Director of Transportation - Suzanne Bauer
  • Director of Nutrition Services - Tiffany Gothan
  • Director of After School Program - Grover Davis
  • Network Administrator - Cruz Arce

The Waterford Unified School District is a Pre-K-12 district made up of five schools with a TK-12 enrollment of around 1,765.

  • Richard M. Moon Primary School (TK - 3)
  • Lucille Whitehead Intermediate School, (4 - 6)
  • Waterford Junior High School (7 - 8)
  • Waterford High School (9 - 12)
  • Sentinel High School (continuation) (11 - 12)

Special programs include: Learning Handicapped, Resource Program, Migrant Education, Title I, Title III, EIA, SIP, GATE, CORE 5 Lexia reading, Read 180, Career Technical Education (CTE), visual and performing arts, and computer education. Our Strategic Plan and Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) are available on the district website.

The Waterford Child Development Center has both a Head Start Program and a State Preschool serving 144 children ages 18 months-5 years. Waterford USD sponsors Connecting Water Charter School, a home school charter serving 2,100 students in a seven-county geographical region.

Waterford Unified School District, in partnership and collaboration with families and community is committed to developing:

  • A safe, healthy and supportive environment
  • Academic excellence and achievement for all students
  • Well-rounded successful citizens with personal integrity
  • Self-directed and collaborative learners who are college and career ready
  • Diverse learning opportunities
  • Critical thinking and creative expression

Committed to excellence, achievement, and success.


We believe that:

  • Every Child is unique.
  • A sense of humor contributes to a healthy life.
  • Education empowers a society.
  • Knowledge empowers.
  • Obstacles are an opportunity for growth.
  • The family environment has a profound impact on children.

We believe in:

  • Respecting yourself and others.
  • Providing and supporting a safe, comfortable environment.
  • A supportive environment to enhance individual potential and opportunity.