About Us

Sentinel High School (SHS) is an alternative continuation high school that provides grade 11 and 12 students the opportunity to recover credits as they progress towards completing their graduation requirements. Sentinel High School is best described as a school that strives to help each student reach their own unique potential by focusing on 5 schoolwide learning outcomes (SLO's). The SLO's for Sentinel High School revolve around S.A.I.N.T. (Skills and knowledge applied to real-world settings, Analytical reasoning and critical thinking, Innovation and creativity, New technology acumen, Teamwork and skills/ability to collaborate). The faculty and staff at Sentinel High School believe that all of our students can succeed in school. Each year teachers receive training to improve their teaching techniques, technology skills and how to better develop relationships with our students so that they can help each student achieve their graduation goals. Sentinel High School focuses on implementing Common Core strategies and curriculum, exploring and expanding career exploration and certification programs for our students, and expanding our outreach to the community through community service opportunities.

Our Mission

Sentinel High School (SHS) is a model alternative high school that provides students the opportunity to recover credits to complete their graduation requirements.

SHS is best described as a school that strives to support each student to reach their potential.

Each year the teachers and staff revise their educational practices and establish new programs to ensure students are ready for graduation.

Our Vision

Every student at Sentinel High School will graduate with a high school diploma, be technologically capable, and have critical thinking skills to be successful in a 21st century global society.