About Waterford High School

Waterford High School (WHS) is well known throughout the Central Valley for consistent gains in student achievement. In fact, WHS has the highest four-year growth in academic performance of any comprehensive high school in California. In 2007, WHS was named a California Distinguished School. The students at WHS received the Title I Academic Achievement Award presented at the state Title I conference in May 2006 and 2007. WHS was the first high school in the region to reach and surpass the state target of 800 (2008). In the 2016-2017 school year, Waterford High School received the Gold Ribbon Award and Title I Academic Achievement Award. These awards are some of the most prestigious award school can earn in the state. WHS offers a diverse catalog of courses. Students may explore the Arts, Music and Drama. Students can also enroll in Advanced Placement and Career Technical courses.

Our mission to engage, empower, and encourage students in a comprehensive education using creative instruction and challenging curriculum requires each person (teacher, student, parent, and administrator) to strive daily to do their best. The faculty and staff at Waterford High School believe that all of our students can succeed in school. Each year teachers receive training to improve their teaching techniques, and, as a result, we have seen improvements in the academic performance of our students.High school should be a time of academic skill development, social maturation, and preparation for adult life. Our goal is to provide a quality educational program for all students. A rich and rewarding four-year experience is available here at Waterford High School; we want every student to make the most of this opportunity.

Waterford High School is currently home to around 650 students.


Waterford High School's main campus buildings were constructed in August of 2001, and the campus continues to be in good condition and able to accommodate the student body. In the years since, most of the improvements have focused on the sports fields and agricultural programs, with more recent farm improvements including a pole barn, a shop area, and a greenhouse. Construction is currently taking place on a covered and fenced raised bed garden, which will expand the FFA's ability to grow and sell produce and flowers.