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Local Control & Accountability Plan (LCAP)


Conditions of Learning: Waterford USD provides access to a progressive and coherent instructional program that advances college and career readiness for all students at all grade levels.


Pupil Outcomes: Waterford USD students graduate from high school college and career ready, exhibiting early and continuing signs of college and career readiness.


Engagement: Waterford USD engages students, staff and parents in a supportive school climate that develops a sense of safety and school connectedness, and honors education as a collective responsibility.

2024-2029 Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan is a living document that outlines an organization's vision for growth and how they will get there. In education, it is important to have a document that includes goals and a plan on how to reach these goals because it organizes people towards a shared mission, defines how success will be measured, and helps with innovation.

A Strategic Plan for Waterford Unified School District is not just about education; it is about community development, growth, and creating a positive environment for all residents. By setting clear goals, involving the community, and allocating resources effectively, Waterford Unified School District can play a pivotal role in the overall well-being and holistic success of the community it serves.


1. Academic Success: Build high-achieving learners who have strong academic foundations and meet goals and standards on time.

2. Student & Staff Wellness: Promote a wellness approach to health that addresses the physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being of both students and staff.

3. Future Readiness: Equip our students with the necessary tools, abilities, and critical thinking skills to succeed as they advance through school and beyond.

4. Family & Community Connections: Strengthen the connections between schools, families, and communities, recognizing their key role as valuable partners in our student’s educational journeys.

5. Facility & Learning Environments: Create positive, safe, and welcoming spaces accessible to students, staff, and community while upholding our financial responsibility.

Other WUSD Plans

As educators, we know the process of learning and growing is never finished. Waterford USD is constantly finding ways to keep our teaching methods relevant, update our campuses, and find solutions to overcome obstacles to student success.

In 2022, Waterford USD will be rolling out the Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP) . The Expanded Learning Opportunities Grant Plan is provided for your review in the left bar, and your learn more about the program on our Expanded Learning Opportunity Program page.