Pre-Registration is Opening Soon

We are excited to be able to offer expanded learning opportunities to our students again for the 2024-25 school year.

If you are interested in your child/children attending our Expanded Learning Program, please ensure you have marked "Yes" to opt-in on your Infinite Campus Annual Update or school registration. You can update your Infinite Campus information at any time.

After marking "Yes" on the opt-in section of their student registration form, parents/guardians will need to complete the ELOP pre-registration in order to considered for acceptance into the program. This can be completed at any time through the link on this page (right), or during Round-Up.

At this time, enrollment is based on our staffing capacity. If student interest exceeds this number, then a wait list will be formed until while we work on increasing our staff capacity. Priority registration will be given to families who meet certain criteria.

Families will be notified when their child is fully enrolled and can attend program.

Participation in field trips and parallel programs will require an additional permission form that will be provided by the parallel program or ELOP staff when the opportunity arises.

Jen Parman

Jennifer Parman




Office: 209-874-1809 Ext. 0123

Moon: 209-495-6449

LWIS: 209-596-9610

Program Hours:

  • After School until 6pm

  • Supplemental Days

Office Hours:

  • 11am-2pm

  • The Expanded Learning Program does not have designated office staff. The best way to get in touch with the site leads or the program specialist is by email.

2 free meals per day

More opportunities to succeed

Waterford USD launched the Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP) in the 2022-23 school year, offering enhanced support and exploration opportunities for TK-6th grade students, while also providing flexible childcare options for parents.

ELOP includes additional academic support, activities for social and emotional development, music and arts, STEAM, sports, and more. The program extends beyond the school day, providing academic support and various electives until 6 PM. Students in the program receive a supper meal and a snack.

Parents are encouraged to have their children stay until at least 4 PM to maximize the benefits of the academic power hour and ensure they have supper, though students can be picked up any time after 3:30 PM.


As soon as students are dismissed from their classroom at the end of the regular school day, they will be escorted by their teachers to the cafeteria to begin the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program. Students will be provided a nutritionally balanced supper meal before their programing begins.

For students who continue in the Expanded Learning Opportunity Program, an additional snack will be provided at 5pm.

The Power Hour

After eating their supper, the academic power hour begins. During this time, students can complete any homework and attend specific academic intervention classes. Teachers will communicate with the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program director about areas where their students are struggling and can use additional instruction to reinforce classroom lessons.

Students who do not have homework and do not need academic support will be able to use this time to participate in other academic enrichment activities.

While electives may rotate, we will always provide an academic power hour from 3pm - 4pm.


Our Expanded Learning Opportunities Program was designed to offer families the flexibility and customization they need to meet the needs of their family and the interests of their children. Families may choose to have their children attend daily, or for a portion of time that interests them. While children can be picked up from the ELO Program at any time, we encourage parents to leave their children until 4pm so that they can enjoy an after-school meal and get the most out of the academic power hour.


Attending high-quality afterschool programs and regular participation can lead to improved social and emotional competencies, including prosocial behavior, intrinsic motivation, better concentration efforts, and higher sense of self-worth.