2024 Summer Learning Academies

Waterford Unified School District is offering TWO summer school programs this summer. Priority enrollment will be given to low-income students, English Learners, Foster Youth, and Homeless.

The FIRST is a four week (20 day) Summer STEAM in Motion Academy. Transitional Kindergarten - 7th grade students experience a focus on fun and engaging learning through Science, Technology, English, Arts, and Math (STEAM). This program will be located at Lucille Whitehead Intermediate School from 8am-2:30pm.

Students TK-7th students may arrive as early as 7am to take part of Expanded Learning in the morning (morning bus transportation is only available for students arriving at 8am). Students TK-7th will also have the option to stay until 4pm to take advantage of enrichment activities during the Expanded Learning Program time. Breakfast and supper are offered during Expanded Learning Program time.

The SECOND is a six week (26 day) 9-11th grade program for students wanting to advance or remediate. Among the courses offered at WHS Summer Academy will be the following: the freshman core classes, including health for incoming 9th graders; College, Career and Financials for incoming 9th graders; physical education for 10-11th grade; and credit recovery for 10-12th grades. Students must be referred and enrolled by their guidance counselor for the 9-11th grade summer academy. The extra instruction that students receive during the summer program will help to fill gaps in learning, reinforce important skills, and better prepare them for the next school year.

Attendance on the first day is required to ensure your place in class. The size of this year's student enrollment in summer school is expected to be sizeable, therefore, space is limited and students who have enrolled in this program but do not attend the first day will be dropped and placed on a waiting list for available space. It is important that your child appear on the first day of summer school to ensure his or her placement.

TK - 7th Summer Program

Location: LWIS

Dates: June 3-July 1 (20 days)

Time: 8 am - 2:30 pm

Expanded Learning: 7 - 8 am & 2:30- 4 pm

9-11th Grade Summer Program

Location: Waterford High School

Dates: June 3-July 12 (26 days)

Time: 8 am - 1:20 pm

Summer School Attendance & Discipline Policies


Buses are available during the summer to transport students attending any of the Summer Academies at either location. Please visit the Bus Routes page to fill out a summer ridership application, even if your child rides the bus during the school year.

Attendance Policy

The Waterford Unified School District summer school follows the California Department of Education’s positive attendance policy, which means either a student is present or is not, regardless of the reason.

Therefore, the attendance policy is as follows:

1) Lucille Whitehead Intermediate School(Grades TK-7) - 20 Days of School (Dates: June 3 to July 1)

On the third (3rd) absence the student is dropped from the program.

June 19th is a Holiday.

2) Waterford High School (Grades 8–12) - 26 Days of School (Dates: June 3 to July 12)

First Semester (Dates: June 3 to June 21)

Second Semester (Dates: June 14 to July 12)

June 19th is a Holiday.

On the third (3rd) absence the student is dropped from the program. Students in grades 8 – 12 can make up one (1) absence per semester during make-up Fridays. The dates for make up Friday are June 21st and July 5th. The time for make-up Friday is from 8:00 a.m. to 1:20 p.m. Do not be late.

Tardy Policy

Each student is expected to be in their seats ready to learn when the bell rings.
The following is the summer school tardy policy

Three (3) tardies = One (1) Absence

Students in grades 8-12th who exceed 9 tardies will be dropped from summer school (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Any combination of tardies and absences per semester exceeding three (3) day will be dropped (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Discipline Policy

Students must also follow all rules and policies of the Waterford Unified School District. Discipline issues will not be tolerated during summer school. Any student who does not follow the rules and policies of the Waterford Unified School District will be dropped from summer school.