Interdistrict Procedures

Interdistrict permits are issued by the school district of residence, and and are valid only after approval by both the district of residence, and the district of proposed enrollment. Students attending from another district under an interdistrict permit need to apply each year to have the permit renewed. Academic, behavior and attendance requirements must be met to maintain continued enrollment under the terms of the inter-district agreement.

Interdistrict forms can be picked up from your school district of residence and should be submitted to your school district of residence first for approval.

  1. If you live in Waterford and are requesting an interdistrict transfer to another district, you can pick up forms at the WUSD office: 219 North Reinway Ave Bldg. #2, Waterford CA 95386. Requests must first be approved by the Waterford Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent will approve or deny requests within 10 business days of a completed application being received. Parents/guardians will be notified if their request is denied. Otherwise, requests will be sent to the district of proposed enrollment for approval.

  2. If you reside outside of Waterford and wish to request an interdistrict transfer into Waterford, you can pick up and fill out the forms at your school district of residence. Your school district of residence will send approved forms to Waterford USD, if and when they have been approved. In addition to the approved interdistrict transfer form, the following documents must be received before Waterford USD can make a decision to approve/deny a request:

    • Attendance Records

    • Behavior Records

    • Transcripts / Report Cards

    • IEP/504 plans (if applicable)

      Waterford USD will notify an applicant of their approval or denial within 30 calendar days of receiving the completed and approved applicants from the school district of residence, as well as the required documentation.

Failure to complete the application or provide requested documentation with 10 business days of the district's request will be deemed an abandonment of the request.

Annual Interdistrict Renewal

Interdistrict permits must be renewed annually, unless the parent/guardian has established residency under the Allen Bill. The deadline for renewal of future year requests is June 30. New interdistrict requests will be taken on an ongoing basis.

Renewal Opens February 1st

Deadline for Renewal: June 30

the allen bill

Establishing Residency Under the Allen Bill, Ed Code 48204(b)

California Education Code Section 48204(b). permits a school district to deem a pupil to have complied with the residency requirements for school attendance in the district if at least one parent/guardian of the pupil is physically employed within the boundaries of that district.

This subdivision does not require the school district within which at least one parent or the legal guardian of a pupil is employed to admit the pupil to its schools. A school district shall not, however, refuse to admit a pupil under this subdivision on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, parental income, scholastic achievement, or any other arbitrary consideration.

Once admitted to residency, the pupil’s transfer may be revoked only if the parent ceases to be employed within the boundaries of the district. As a resident, the student does not have to re-apply for the transfer to be valid.

Additional Required Documentation:

  • Proof of residency through employment

Reasons for Denial and/or Revocation

  • Negative Financial Impact to the District

  • Poor Attendance

  • Behavior

  • Grades

  • Available Services / Space

  • Impacted Programs

  • Pupil Has Been Expelled

  • Pupil/Guardian Has Falsely Claimed Residence

Appealing a Decision

Parents/Guardians who are unsatisfied with the decision to deny an Interdistrict Transfer have 10 days to submit an appeal to the school district that has denied their request.

If the matter is not resolved with satisfaction, the parent/guardian must submit an appeal to the County Office of Education within 30 calendar days of the district's final denial. The County Office of Education will make a decision regarding the appeal within 30 calendar days of when the appeal was submitted.

Call (209) 238-1711 for the necessary documents to begin the interdistrict attendance appeal process or visit the Stanislaus County Office of Education at 1100 H Street, Modesto.