Facility Use Agreements

Classrooms, Multipurpose Rooms, Gymnasiums and Wildcat Stadium have varying use and fee agreements.

Generally, non-profit Waterford community youth groups may use WUSD facilities on school days for up to 3 hours, without custodial charges. Utility charges will apply.

The Waterford community youth organization is to return the facility in good condition, or, be subject to cleaning fees.

Activities beyond 3 hours, or on weekends or other non-school days, will require custodial charges of $37.50 per hour in addition to the utility charges. A minimum custodial charge of 4 hours (2 hours opening and 2 hours closing) will apply on weekend and non-school day use, additional hours will be charged as necessary.

Adult groups not associated with supporting youth activities, organizations from outside of Waterford, and private citizens seeking the use of WUSD facilities, will be charged a rental fee in addition to custodial and utility charges. (see BP 1330E for the fee schedule.

All groups using WUSD facilities must provide a certificate of liability insurance of $1,000,000, identifying the Waterford Unified School District as "additional insured."

Maintenance & Operations

200 D Street, Waterford, CA  95386

Phone:  209-874-4125

Director of Maintenance, Operations, Facilities, & Projects
Gene Blocker

Secretary of Maintenance, Operations, & Transportation
Paula Surratt