CTE and workplace readiness programs benefits all students, and helps them gain employability skills, technical knowledge, and the training they need to thrive in today’s – and tomorrow’s – workforce.



Preparing for Success

Career Technical Education (CTE), is an important program that provides real world context for academic studies while helping our students become college, career, and community ready. It bridges the gap between high school and postsecondary education, and helps students view a high school diploma as a foundation step for continued success.

If you think Career Technical Education is right for you or your child, talk to our school counselor about courses that will help you fulfill your college, career, and technical education goals.

career readiness


About our programs

Waterford High School offers our students the option to participate in Career Technical Education(CTE) pathways that engage them in hands-on, skill-based programs. These pathways are useful in preparing students to continue on to college, enter the workforce, or pursue a trade school or apprenticeship. Our CTE pathways also help students remain engaged and motivated in high school, leading to a higher graduation rate and higher average GPA.

What can CTE do for you?

- Focus your study on academics, employability, and technical skills used in a specific occupation.

- Teach you soft skills that are needed and valued in the modern workplace, such as critical thinking, communication, team work, citizenship, integrity, ethical leadership, research experience, creativity, and innovation.

- Keep you engaged in school, by involving you as a decision maker and owner of your own education.

- Increase your chances of attending a postsecondary program, maintaining a higher GPA, and staying in college.