Richard M. Moon Primary School Programs

Moon School is committed to helping every student maximize his or her academic potential.

By providing opportunities for students to receive a learning experience tailored to their abilities, Moon School helps instill confidence and a love of learning at an early age.

We offer a number of specialists and enrichment programs to help each student achieve to his or her highest potential:

  • A variety of resource specialists and speech therapists for students with specific learning needs

  • A school improvement program aimed at increasing the performance of every student

  • A paraprofessional in addition to the primary teacher to assist with classroom learning

  • Targeted, small group reading reading instruction

  • After school programs in academics and community service

We welcome feedback on any of our programs. Please contact us if you have questions, comments or suggestions on how we could better help your child.


Moon school provides special education services as provided by the Individuals with Disabilities Act (I.D.E.A.) and are committed to providing a free and appropriate education to all of our students. Teachers collaborate and work to provide in school interventions for students that are struggling and if students are not making progress a Student Study Team (SST) meeting is scheduled. This team consists of parents, teachers, specialists, and the school administration. At the SST, the team looks at the students progress, academically and socially; along with what interventions have been implemented and the effectiveness of these interventions. If there is a suspected learning disability the child is referred for special education services assessment.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher, school administrator, or the district's Educational Services Department.


At Waterford Unified School district, we believe income should never be a barrier to student success. Every student in our district is eligible to receive three no-cost meals, every day. See the NUTRITIONAL SERVICES page for more information. Additionally, all of the essential educational and classroom supplies are provided.

Improving Academic Achievement
Helps disadvantaged students meet state academic content and performance standards.

School Wide Programs
Authorized programs and targeted assistance schools under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

State Wide System of Support (S4)
Technical assistance for local educational agencies (LEAs) identified as Program Improvement (PI) under Title I of NCLB and LEAs with Title I schools, including those identified as PI.


Moon School is a school-wide Title 1 school and receives monies front he federal government to help fund programs to meet our students educational needs.