Leadership Program


The leadership program at Waterford Jr High is an elective available to students of good academic standing.

As part of the course, students take a trip to Disneyland to take part in Disney's Leadership in Action program.

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Disney Leadership in Action: Pursuit of Excellence

Program Description
Disney Leadership in Action: Pursuit of Excellence is a three hour leadership experience through Disneyland Park where sixth through twelfth grade students discover Walt Disney’s “secret of making dreams come true.” Students will be challenged to dwell in the possibilities, have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and understand the importance of diversity. Throughout this program students will also learn how to work together through a team building experience, become confident in how to accomplish their goals, and be motivated to achieve the impossible.

Learning Objectives

  • After completing Disney Leadership in Action: Pursuit of Excellence, students are able to do the following:

  • Understand their personal leadership skills and how to apply them to a team setting

  • Discuss the importance of diversity

  • Brainstorm for creative ideas and solutions

  • Apply different ideas to a project

  • Explore and approach a project from different perspectives

  • Gain the confidence to overcome obstacles

  • Find courage and determination to accomplish goals and believe in their dreams

  • Lead a project to completion while maintaining a positive attitude

Following the program presented by the Disney Leadership in Action Cast Member, the leadership students will spend the day in Disneyland completing the activities set forth by the Cast Member and enjoying the park experience. Extension activities will take place within the classroom setting in the following weeks after the presentation.

For more information, visit DISNEY'S WEBSITE and explore their imagination campus.