Dr. Victor DeNoble

Dr. Victor DeNoble was at our site on Monday January 27th from 11:15am – 12:10pm. His presentation covered the dangers of nicotine use, vape pens and understanding addiction.   

Victor J. DeNoble, Ph.D. was employed by Philip Morris as the 'Senior Behavior Analyst' at the company's Behavioral Research Laboratory/Department between 1980-1984. He was initially hired as an Associate Senior Scientist at Philip Morris Behavioral Research.

With his associates, Mele and He performed in-house rat studies on nicotine and addiction and he was later fired by Philip Morris because of sensitive nature of what studies revealed about nicotine addiction. He openly disputed Philip Morris's versions as to the reasons why his laboratory was closed down, and eventually received Congress approval to break his confidentiality agreement with the company.

In 1994, after the U.S. Congress released him from a confidentiality agreement with Philip Morris, DeNoble became the first "whistleblower" to begin speaking out against the tobacco industry. He served as a key witness in the Federal government's case against the industry and has testified before Congress, the Food and Drug Administration and former Vice President Al Gore's Tobacco Settlement Committee. He has been featured on several television shows such as "60 Minutes," "Dateline NBC" and Sunday Morning with David Brinkley.