wrestling camp

Waterford Invitational Wrestling Camp

We are inviting Waterford Jr. High and High School students to attend a wrestling clinic to learn about wrestling. Our purpose is to give students the opportunity to experience wrestling to see if it might be a sport they might enjoy.
The clinic will be held in the high school auditorium on Tuesday, July 19th, Wednesday, July 20th; and Thursday, July 21st.
Each day will start at 9am and finish at 12 noon, so plan on being there at 8:40am each day. You should dress in gym clothes: shorts and t-shirts, soft-soled gym shoes or wrestling shoes if you have them. Bring a container for water or a bottle of water.
The plan is to review basic warm-ups and stretching; but also include advanced techniques to help their overall physical conditioning. Campers will be instructed in the rules and scoring. The instruction will include techniques in the following areas: takedowns, escapes, reversals, pinning combinations, breakdowns; and riding.
It will also include basic and advanced moves in each of these areas so campers can see what is possible in the sport of wrestling. Campers will get the opportunity to try these moves under the supervision of the instructors. The instructors will include high school coaches: Dr. Don Davis and Rick LaFerriere; as well as; some current and former Waterford wrestlers.
There is no cost. Our hope is that you may want to become involved in our Jr. High and Varsity wrestling teams after experiencing the wrestling clinic.