Waterford Unified School District cares deeply for the safety of our students. Throughout the course of the year, we will be having an in-depth active threat training on every school site and with all staff members. Trainings will take place both indoors and outdoors on the scheduled days. Please be advised that any sights or sounds that can be observed or heard during these trainings are a part of our planned demonstrations and not a cause for alarm. 

Students will not be present on campus during these trainings. 

Our first training will take place at Lucille Whitehead on September 7th, between the 1-5pm. Children who attend the Expanded Learning Program at Lucille will be moved to the Moon School campus for the day. Parents can pick up their children from the Expanded Learning Program from the Moon School Cafeteria. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the District office at 209-874-1809 or email