Registration will be opening soon for all new Moon Cubs looking to enroll in Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten next year. 

Transitional Kindergarten for the 2023-24 year is now open to 4 year olds whose birthday is between 9/02/2018 and 4/02/2019.

Kindergarten is open to children whose birthday is between 9/02/2017 and 9/01/2018.

Waterford Unified School District is a pre-kindergarten - 12th grade district that provides a comprehensive and well-rounded education for all students, and prepares them for the college or career of their choice. While attending Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten at Moon School, students will experience: 

* A caring, credentialed teacher, AND a paraprofessional in every classroom.

* A 12-1 student-teacher ratio.

* Small group reading, math, and language support.

* Access to music instruction from a credentialed teacher.

* Access to reading, math, and science academies (TK only) and makerspace (all grades). 

* Field trips and enrichment activities during school.

* Social-Emotional Learning and counseling support.

* Pique parent engagement and empowerment opportunities.

* A chromebook for every student.

Parents and guardians of Moon School students also have the option of having their child attend the Expanded Learning Program, which provides before and after school learning and enrichment opportunities. Students may arrive as early as 7am in the morning for Expanded Learning time, and receive a no-cost breakfast before school.  Students may also stay as late as 6pm, during which time they will receive a no-cost supper meal, academic support and intervention, and have the opportunity to participate in clubs, music lessons, art, science, STEAM, and other field trips and enrichment experiences. 

After registration opens, parents/guardians may register their student online at home, or using on of the courtesy kiosk computers located at the district office at 219 North Reinway Ave. The following documents will be needed at the time of registration: 

*  Photo ID (Drivers license and custody/guardianship papers if applicable)

* Age verification (Child's birth certificate or baptism certificate)

* Proof of Residence (Proof of residence such as a mortgage/utility bill or rental agreement - If you live with someone else, they will need to write a letter on your behalf)

* Immunization Record

Questions? Call 209-874-1809 or email