Waterford Unified School District is pleased to announce the return of Ryan Smith, who will be the new principal of Lucille Whitehead Intermediate School starting next school year. Mr. Smith is excited to be returning to Waterford USD after being away for nineteen years, during which time he served as a K-12 administrator and human resources administrator at the district level. Mr. Smith was a seventh-grade English teacher at then Waterford Middle School (Grades 5-8) back in 2001 and later became Vice Principal there for two years. After serving in various site and district-level administrative positions in other school districts big and small, he recognized that serving as a principal was where he drew the greatest amount of fulfillment and satisfaction as a professional. As Principal of Ross Middle School in nearby Hughson for nearly a decade, Smith served as a student-centered leader that worked closely alongside his teachers to purposely integrate technology in the classroom as a means to augment their instruction, while also increasing student test scores, creating a positive school culture, and building a genuine rapport with various educational partners. Never forgetting where he started in education, his service leadership approach is evident with his authentic belief that it takes everyone from classified staff, to teachers, and parents to make a school a positive place for student learning. Mr. Smith is happily married to his wife Brenda who also works in education as a Superintendent. As a blended family, they have four adult daughters; two in college, and two working in education and the private sector. Smith enjoys his dogs, Daisy and Lulu, cooking for family and friends, and traveling.