kevin bracy

Guest Speaker, Kevin Bracy

Most Request Speaker in California

We are excited to announce that nationally acclaimed speaker, Kevin Bracy, will be speaking to our junior high and high school students on February 8th about how kindness can help bridge differences, and how students can be active participants in creating a school environment that celebrates diversity. 

Born, raised, and educated in Sacramento, Kevin Bracy has been privileged to speak to millions of people across America. For the past 10 years, he has been actively changing the culture and climate of California school campuses with his R.E.A.C.H. One Alliance program.

As Sacramento's top anti-bullying speaker, character coach, and the voice of KDEE's motivational segment, "Minute To Win It!” he has made it his mission to “dream globally, but focus locally.” These days he invests his time with his family, his fitness, mentoring for the future, and speaking several times a week to audiences ages 4 to 94, encouraging them all to be the greatest version of themselves and to positively reach out to one other person in kindness every day.

Students will leave Kevin's presentation feeling energized, challenged, and connected.  

Learn more about Kevin on his website