Master magician David Hagerman will be returning to Moon School in April for another presentation.

Hagerman travels the US inspiring children to pursue futures with math and science through his edutainment magic show. His science and math-based shows make kids hungry for knowledge in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.

“Technically, I’m a real modern-day wizard, using science and math to achieve illusions,” said Hagerman. “Through my spectacle and performance, my real goal is to wow and inspire kids to consider science and mathematics as a future. It can be hard to get kids excited about STEM fields today and considering that science and technology are our future right now, through wizardry, I am happy to show them the awe and wonder behind the science and math.”

Performing a full-fledged math show that incorporates magical elements, Hagerman demonstrates visual science that stands on its own without the help and support of magic. Cognizant of the fact that children’s attention is sparing and fleeting, Hagerman delves into the importance of entertainment for really piquing children’s interest.

“My show is designed to be one of the most entertaining live performances that students will ever see related to science and math,” said Hagerman. “By the end of the act, students will not even realize they have learned a considerable amount during their entertainment enjoyment. I look forward to sharing my performance art with the students at Richard M. Moon Primary School in April.”